Venus in Fur

by David Ives

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hhhh (out of 4)… Spend the night with Venus in Fur …it’s one hookup you won’t regret … sexy, sophisticated and side-splittingly funny… complex, provocative and pretty close to perfect. Toronto Star

“Mischievous, lip-smacking entertainment.” The Hollywood Reporter

“90 minutes of good, kinky fun” The New York Times

“Smart. Sexy. Hilarious” Vogue

“Wildly intelligent and sometimes frightening…” The New Yorker

Before Fifty Shades of Grey, there was Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s classic erotic novel, Venus in Furs. In this Tony Award nominated adaptation, the tables are turned as a young actress tangles with a director increasingly intrigued by her. Funny and stimulating, this play weaves sex and power into an exhilarating game of cat and mouse.

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Cast & Artists

    • Vincent Gale
    • Thomas Novachek
    • Celine Stubel
    • Vanda Jordan
    • David Ives
    • Playwright
    • Michael Shamata
    • Director
    • Christina Poddubiuk
    • Designer
    • Ereca Hassell
    • Lighting Designer
    • Tobin Stokes
    • Sound Designer / Composer
    • Chari Arespacocha
    • Assistant Director
    • Jennifer Swan
    • Stage Manager
    • Sandra Drag
    • Apprentice Stage Manager

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Thomas Novachek is a playwright-director in New York City. He has written a play based on the 1870 novel Venus in Furs, by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. This novel, and Sacher-Masoch’s name, inspired the term Masochism. When the play begins, Thomas is in a rehearsal hall, having spent the day auditioning actresses for the leading role, Vanda von Dunayev. Talking on his cell phone, he ennumerates the inadequacies of the actresses he has seen. Suddenly a new actress bursts in. She's late for her appointment, frazzled and rain-soaked. She’s also brash and vulgar, and shares the same first name as the character: Vanda. It is difficult to imagine that this actress will be able to please this particular and exasperated writer/director. But she convinces him to let her audition for the role, with Thomas himself reading opposite her. As lightning flashes and thunder crashes, Vanda and Thomas become more and more caught up in the characters they are reading.

Running Time: 100 minutes, no intermission.

Audience Advisories: Strong Language, Mature Subject Matter (including sexual themes), Flashes of Strobe Lighting. Latecomers will be seated at appropriate breaks in the action.