The Heart of The Matter

Sometimes it’s great to see a play that you know nothing about.  More often than not, though, it is useful to have some kind of context, some point of reference, to help you to truly get the most out of your theatre experience.  Not necessary – but it can sure make the experience more fun!

To help our audiences get more from each of the Belfry’s productions, we created a host of “audience engagement” activities, all designed to provide insight, information and intriguing details about the play and the production.  In fact, the Belfry is at the forefront of this kind of activity.  And we’ve made a lot of this material available here on our website, as well.  For each show that we produce, you’ll find the following here on our website:  videos of the production process, podcasts of interviews, and articles exploring issues related to the play.

Please allow us to open a doorway into the world of each play – either before you see it, or after you have attended.

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