Spotlight on Savings

Date posted: September 3, 2019

Spotlight on Savings

It’s the start of a new season at the Belfry, and we’re introducing new ways to save on tickets!

Buy early – we’re taking $5 off the price of our Friday and Saturday seats if you book at least a week before Opening Night.

You may already know we have three price zones: Prime seats (our Green Zone) are in the best, most popular locations. Our less expensive Midrange seats (Yellow Zone) are still good, but may be at a slight angle or affected by the overhang of the balcony. Red Zone seats are in the corners of the balcony, with potentially restricted sightlines, and are only $20. This season, we want to help you upgrade your experience.

Join us for the First Weekend of the run, and you can get Prime seats at the same price as Midrange seats – another $5 to $10 savings, plus some of the best views in the house.

Can’t commit in advance? We’ve extended our Rush Ticket pricing to ALL Mainstage performances (except Opening Night) – a 50% discount on Midrange and Red Zone tickets, if you buy in the last half-hour before the show.

No coupons needed. No codes to remember. Book online, call us at 250-385-6815, or buy in person – your savings are factored in automatically.

We’ll see you at the show!