September 15 – October 11, 2015


by David Mamet

Show Info

Directed by Michael Shamata

“Explosive, wicked fun…”

“…a strong, provocative production…” Times Colonist

“scathingly comic” Newsweek

“The deftest and funniest of Mamet’s works” The New Republic

“So damned entertaining” New York Post


Greed. Lust. Fear. Movies. Hollywood producer Bobby Gould has just been handed a sure-fire hit – a blockbuster – that could catapult him and his old friend Charlie Fox into the big money. Or, he could make the “important” art house flick that his oh-so-attractive office temp is urging him to do. A savagely funny exposé on Hollywood and the male psyche.

Why I Chose This Play:  After re-reading this script I said to myself, “Just do it!” It’s a guilty pleasure – sexy and funny and nasty. Mamet wrote this play shortly after directing his first film, so he uses his black and edgy humour to thoroughly skewer Hollywood. I love its combination of baser instincts and a not-quite-absent moral compass.  Michael Shamata, Artistic Director


Audience advisory: The show is just under 2 hours long, including one 15-minute intermission; and contains fairly strong language. Not suitable for young students.

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Cast & Artists

    • Vincent Gale
    • Charlie Fox
    • Brian Markinson
    • Bobby Gould
    • Celine Stubel
    • Karen
    • David Mamet
    • Playwright
    • Michael Shamata
    • Director
    • Shawn Kerwin
    • Designer
    • Michael Whitfield
    • Lighting Designer
    • Tobin Stokes
    • Sound Designer
    • Nicholas Harrison
    • Fight Director
    • Jennifer Swan
    • Stage Manager
    • Sadie Fox
    • Apprentice Stage Manager
    • Alix Reynolds
    • Assistant Director (UVic)
    • Ben Burrow
    • Assistant Lighting Designer

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