March 11 - 13 / March 18 - 20, 2022

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Our annual Spark Festival 2022 marks its return with two extraordinary films.

First up is “What You Won’t Do For Love“, starring David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, Miriam Fernandes, and Sturla Alvsvaag from March 11 – 13. A film by Why Not Theatre, originally co-presented and produced with support from TO Live and Soulpepper.

acts of faith“, starring Natasha Mumba will run from March 18 – 20. A digital production from Factory Theatre, written by David Yee and directed by Nina Lee Aquino.

The films will run from 11 am on Fridays, watchable through midnight on Sundays. Box Office tech support will be available from 10 am to 8 pm.

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March 11- 13, 2022

What You Won’t Do For Love

A film by Why Not Theatre


Photo – Sturla Alvsvaag, Miriam Fernandes, David Suzuki, and Tara Cullis/ Image courtesy of Why Not Theatre

What You Won’t Do For Love is a conversational and poetic theatre-film hybrid featuring two of Canada’s most prominent environmental figures, Tara Cullis and David Suzuki. The film is an intergenerational exchange about climate and environmental activism, centred in an exploration of love.

When artist Miriam Fernandes approaches David Suzuki to create a theatre piece about climate change, she expects to write about David’s perspective as a scientist. Instead, she discovers the boundless vision and efforts of Tara Cullis, a literature scholar, climate organizer, and David’s life partner. Miriam realizes that David and Tara’s decades-long love for each other, and family and friends, has only clarified and strengthened their resolve to fight for the planet.

Adapted for the screen from a theatre production, What You Won’t Do For Love transforms real-life conversations between David, Tara, Miriam, and her husband Sturla, into a charmingly novel and poetic film in which the performers read off paper scripts.

Over an idyllic day in British Columbia, Miriam and Sturla take in a lifetime of David and Tara’s adventures, inspiration, and love, and in turn, reflect on their own relationship to each other and the planet. Revealing David Suzuki and Tara Cullis in an affable, conversational, and often comedic light, What You Won’t Do For Love asks, “Can we learn to love the planet as much as these two people love one another?”

Playbill for What You Won’t Do For Love

Written by Tara Cullis, Miriam Fernandes, Ravi Jain, and David Suzuki
Performed by Tara Cullis, Miriam Fernandes, Sturla Alvsvaag, and David Suzuki
Directed by Ravi Jain and Kevin Matthew Wong
Music by Meg Roe
Film Production Company – Pool Service Productions
Original Production Concept Conceived by Ravi Jain
Dramaturgy by Kevin Matthew Wong / Broadleaf Theatre
Produced by Kevin Matthew Wong


March 18 – 20, 2022

acts of faith

A Factory Theatre Digital Performance

Written by David Yee
Directed by Nina Lee Aquino

Photo – Natasha Mumba; Set & Costume Design by Joanna Yu, Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay / Photo by Dahlia Katz

I have a message from God…

From the African Copperbelt to the backwoods of Muskoka, acts of faith tells a story about the power of belief, the disillusionment of youth and the eternal struggle between good and evil. The story follows Faith, a young woman who gets mistaken for a prophet. When a revered religious leader attempts to take advantage of her plight, she begins using her ‘gift’ to right wrongs and punish the wicked. Far from home, Faith will come up against the ultimate test of her convictions in a final confrontation between sin and sainthood, morality, and godliness.

“If eight months without seeing many live, in-person plays has made you lose faith in the power of theatre, be sure to check out acts of faith. After watching this hybrid show, you’ll be a believer again.”NOW Magazine


“fiery fantasy mixed with thoughtful paradox” The Globe and Mail


“Natasha Mumba’s Faith offers an extraordinary performance of passion, dignity, and perseverance” Onstage Blog


“Magnificent”  Times Square Chronicles


Running Time – 75 minutes

Recommended for ages 16+

Content Warning

acts of faith contains adult content that some audience members may find disturbing – please see the Playbill for specific advisories.

Playbill for acts of faith

Written By David Yee
Directed By Nina Lee Aquino
Joanna Yu – Set & Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay – Lighting Designer
Miquelon Rodriguez – Sound Designer & Broadcast Tech
Matt McGeachy – Dramaturg
Nadeem Philip – Assistant Director
Kai-Yueh Chen – Stage Manager
Shaw Forgeron – Head Of Props
Joyce Padua – Head Of Wardrobe


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