Bordertown Café

Bordertown Café

by Kelly Rebar


Director Rosemary Dunsmore
Designer Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Designer David Fraser
Sound Designer Brian Linds
Stage Manager Kim Charleen Smith

Starring Jillian Fargey, Janet-Laine Green, Jamie Spilchuk, Paul Stephen

"…humourous, human, touching and recognizable…" Hamilton Spectator

Bordertown Café is a funny, big-hearted slice of Canadiana. Having grown up in a greasy spoon on the Alberta – Montana border, 17 year-old Jimmy has a big decision to make. His absent father wants him to come and live with him in the States. His single mother, Marlene, trapped in a life of missed opportunities, can’t seem to say the words "don’t go". Marlene’s gregarious American mother won’t shut up, and her quiet farmer dad refuses to tell Jimmy what he should do. Tension rise, tears flow, and one gawky teenager suddenly becomes a young man.

Bordertown Café continues our investigation of plays from the Canadian canon.

A co-production with Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg)

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