Friday, January 22 at 7:30 pm

SHIP (a short film)

June Yeo

Show Info

SHIP is part of our online 2021 SPARK Festival (January 20 – 23).

SHIP : renaissance begins in media res, its narrative unfolding cyclicly.  First on a black empty stage, then on a beach, then later on the ocean, we see people assembled on a plastic sheet, a pseudo-magic carpet.  The SHIP explores a new kind of intimacy and connection during this pandemic.

This evening features SHIP, the soft spaces and HIV in My Day.


Fiona McNeil-Knowles

Daniela Castellanos

Seth Cropley

Sumi Kang

June Yeo

Vitor Freitas

Noah McKimm

Kimonos by Kelly Cavanagh



This is a free event on Zoom



June is a classically trained visual artist from South Korea.  She is passionate about neurodiversity and serving communities of creatives in our community via her artistic practice.  Her work is quiet but present, gentle but strong, playful but focused and always very ambiguous.