March 29 - April 24, 2022

Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes

By Hannah Moscovitch

Show Info

Live In-Person – March 29 – April 24, 2022

Live Streaming – April 12 – 17, 2022

A whip-smart exploration of power, truth and desire.

Jon is a prize-winning novelist and star professor.  Annie is a clever, imaginative, first-year student, and a huge fan of Jon’s work.  Jon’s third marriage is going about as well as his first two, and he’s frustrated teaching creative writing to lazy undergraduates. And then he finds himself admired by a student—a girl in a red coat.  Annie.

Who’s the hunter—?  Who’s the hunted—?  Who will take the next step—?  And who will ever understand this complex dance—?  When the dust has settled—who controls the narrative—?  And who owns this story—?

Hannah Moscovitch (What a Young Wife Ought to Know and The Children’s Republic) has set the international theatre scene alight with her fiery wit and incisive ability to tackle complex subjects with humour and intelligence.

Why I Chose This Play

During my time at the Belfry, Hannah Moscovitch has become a frequent voice on our stages.  As a writer—she is incredibly direct—while approaching her subjects from oblique angles.  This play is no exception.  Hannah gives us a fresh and unusual way of addressing an all-too-familiar scenario.  This is simply a marvellous and captivating play.- MS