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Same Old Same Old

by Jan Wood and James Fagan Tait

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World Premiere

Life’s Tiny Moments

Two Belfry favourites return with a brand-new collaboration. Actor Jan Wood, (Mrs. Fezziwig in our production of A Christmas Carol) and James Fagan Tait (director and co-writer of 21 Ways to Make the World Last Longer) team up to write and star in this charming new play.

Steadily approaching “till death do us part”—a man and a woman—through snippets and sketches and little scenes—reveal the moments that make up their lives. The mundane and the meaningful. The small but profound. The benign and hurtful. And the real—yet unspoken love. You will find it deeply funny because it is totally familiar—spot-on and touching.

Why I Chose This Play

From the moment I heard that Jan and Jimmy were writing this play—from the moment I started reading an early draft—and from the moment we performed it before an enraptured audience during our 2020 SPARK Festival—I knew this was a play that belonged on our stage.  This long-married couple are so familiar—it is impossible not to recognize them in ourselves—and laugh out loud at the reality of their relationship. Michael Shamata

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Cast & Artists

    • Jan Wood
    • Playwright / Her
    • James Fagan Tait
    • Playwright / Him
    • Kaitlin Williams
    • Director
    • Jessica Oostergo
    • Set & Costume Designer
    • Jono Kim
    • Lighting Designer
    • Brian Linds
    • Sound Designer
    • Candelario Andrade
    • Videographer & Video Editor
    • Peter Carlone
    • Director of Photography
    • Treena Stubel
    • Movement Coach
    • Caryn Fehr
    • Stage Manager
    • Becca Jorgensen
    • Assistant Stage Manager
    • Brenda Grantham
    • Make-up Artist