April 12 – May 8 - HELD OVER to May 13

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Conceived by Don Shipley

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The music and lyrics of Irving Berlin

Puttin’ on the Ritz has been held over to May 13 – click here for more details.

Directed by Glynis Leyshon

“The greatest songwriter that has ever lived” George Gershwin

“Irving Berlin has no place in American music – he is American music.” Jerome Kern

In celebration of our 40th anniversary we’ll reprise the musical that started it all. With no formal training, Irving Berlin wrote many of the greatest songs in history. His simple, uncomplicated music sparked dance crazes and moved a nation. This timeless revue, featuring incredible dancing and tunes like “Always”, ”Count Your Blessings”, ”Blue Skies”, and “Cheek To Cheek”, is a real treat for everyone.

Why I chose this play – I chose this musical revue, conceived by Don Shipley 40 years ago,because it opened the Belfry, and has had a cherished place in this theatre’s history ever since. Twenty-two years ago, it opened the newly-renovated Belfry, in a production directed by Glynis Leyshon, who returns to direct it once again. Oh – and it has some of the best songs ever written. MS



Cast & Artists

    • Lauren Bowler
    • Andrew MacDonald-Smith
    • Katrina Reynolds
    • John Ullyatt
    • Don Shipley
    • Playwright
    • Glynis Leyshon
    • Director
    • Nico Rhodes
    • Musical Director
    • Jessica Hickman
    • Choreographer
    • Cory Sincennes
    • Set & Costume Designer
    • Guy Simard
    • Lighting Designer
    • Paul Tedeschini
    • Sound Designer
    • Brad L’Écuyer
    • Second Keys
    • Erin Voaklander
    • Stage Manager
    • Chris Sibbald
    • Assistant Stage Manager

The Heart of the Matter

  • Ritz B4Play - Glynis Leyshon
  • Ritz B4Play - Lauren Bowler
  • Ritz B4Play - John Lucas
  • Ritz B4Play - Christopher Donison