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The Flame – October 2

B4Play – As Above

B4Play – I Think I’m Fallin’: The Songs of Joni Mitchell

B4Play – Yaga

B4Play – Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

B4Play – The Unplugging

B4Play – Vigil

B4Play – Intimate Apparel

B4Play – Kindred – May 14

B4Play – Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes – March 26

B4Play – Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer – January 29

B4Play – Serving Elizabeth – November 20

The Flame- October 4, 2021

B4Play – Same Old Same Old

B4Play – BEING HERE: The Refugee Project

B4Play – The Ministry of Grace


The Flame – Storytelling Series

B4Play Podcast – Every Brilliant Thing

B4Play Podcast – Bang Bang


B4Play Podcast – The Children


B4Play Podcast – 4000 Miles

B4Play Podcast – Bears

B4Play Podcast – Griffin & Sabine

B4Play – Mustard

B4Play – A Doll’s House, Part 2

B4Play – Salt Baby

B4Play – Forget About Tomorrow (2018) – Jill Daum

B4Play – Forget About Tomorrow (2018) – Michael Shamata

B4Play – Forget About Tomorrow (2018) – Dr. Stuart MacDonald

B4Play – Forget About Tomorrow (2018) – Dr. Marjorie Moulton

B4Play – A Christmas Carol (2015)

CBC Radio’s Gregor Craigie interviews Michael Shamata (Director and Adaptation), Tom McBeath (Actor – Ebenezer Scrooge), and community guests Sarah Harrison and Lisa Surridge.

B4Play – Onegin

Director and Co-creator Amiel  Gladstone

Dr. Jennifer Wise on Onegin’s two fathers

Dr. Brianna Turner on boredum and ennui

Actor Meg Roe

B4Play – The Children’s Republic

Christian Barry is the Artistic Co-director of Halifax’s 2B Theatre Company, and directs the Belfry’s production of The Children’s Republic.

Hannah Moscovitch is an award-winning playwright, and author of The Children’s Republic.

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer is a retired child psychologist with a longstanding interest in Janusz Korczak’s work.

Dr. Kristin Semmens is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the History Department at the University of Victoria.