Ideafest – Reimagining human rights through the lens of Indigenous law

Date posted: January 18, 2019

This event is a part of Ideafest, the University of Victoria’s week-long festival of world changing ideas:

UVic has just launched the world’s first Indigenous law program. That’s a welcome opening for new conversations on how we understand Indigenous human rights within Indigenous law and governance. How are Indigenous women’s rights also Indigenous human rights? Join leading scholars from across Canada in a thoughtful exploration facilitated by Chancellor Shelagh Rogers.

Speakers: Val Napoleon and Sarah Morales, Associate professors, Faculty of Law- Indigenous Law Program (UVic), Lana Lowe PhD student, Faculty of Law-Indigenous Law Program (UVic); and Tracey Lindberg (Author and Professor, Faculty of Law (UOttawa).

Host: Shelagh Rogers (UVic Chancellor, Honorary Witness to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and celebrated broadcast journalist).

This event is co-hosted by UVic’s Faculty of Law and the Office of the Vice-President Research.