“Castaways” – Part 2 – starts April 14

Date posted: April 9, 2019


8pm Sundays April 14 to May 12

The BMO Studio Theatre

Belfry Theatre – 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria, B.C.

Tickets: $16 – Advance at Belfry Theatre Box Office online by phone 250-385-6815 or in person. Show nights at the door 7:00pm

Sin City the Live Improvised Serial returns for the second half of Season 8: CASTAWAYS. The story began when a tropical storm sank a Cruise Ship excursion and the tourists washed up on a desert island in the South Pacific. The quirky and inept bunch had no choice but try to survive ~ with hilarious results.  At the mid-season cliff-hanger, a helicopter was heard hovering over the Island. Will the gang be rescued? Or will they succumb to several threats on the mysterious Island?

Find out when the CASTAWAYS return on April 14 and the story continues 8pm Sundays to May 12. Nothing in this series is planned or rehearsed – but with Victoria’s top comic actors directed live by master manipulator Ian Ferguson, it is guaranteed to be an entertaining journey. “Lost” meets “Survivor” with a hint of “Gilligan’s Island.” 

Premiering Feb. 3 to a sold-out crowd (despite the blizzard!), the talented and quick-witted SIN CITY improvisors spun five hysterical episodes, before taking a break while the Belfry hosted Spark Festival.

Missed the first few? Not to worry. Every episode stands alone, and newcomers are always welcome. Catch up with the handy Programme notes, or read “The Story so Far” blog at www.sincityimprov.com

Format & History: SIN CITY debuted to critical acclaim in Victoria in 2011. Every new season takes place in a different setting, from Medieval Castle to Outer Space. After 145 episodes at the Victoria Event Centre the Sin City gang are delighted to find a new home at the Belfry Theatre Studio. 


Kirsten Van Ritzen, Morgan Cranny, Robert Conway, Christine Upright, Alan Penty, Charlie de Pape, Bill Nance, Colleen Blunt, Gene Sargent, and special guests.

Director: Ian Ferguson. Live musical direction: Patrick Boyle.


“sexy, sultry, smart, suggestive, scintillating, scandalous, silly…” “These improvisers and theatre artists are among Canada’s best…”  “pure improvisation, pure genius” ~ ArtsSmarts

“watch the hilarity as the story unfolds…” ~ Monday Magazine

“a talented group of improvisers that are bound to leave you in stitches” ~ Marble Theatre Review

“Sin City cracks us up – I was completely intoxicated by the end of this show – with laughter.” ~ The Martlet

Photo- Colleen Blunt, Kirsten Van Ritzen, Christine Upright / Photo by David Bruce Photography