Mom’s the Word: Remixed

August 3 – 21, 2011

Mom’s the Word: Remixed
by Linda Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams

Starring Jill Daum, Beverley Elliott, Alison Kelly, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams

“You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your heart will be full.” Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“I can’t remember an audience enjoying itself as much. And I was right in there laughing my head off.” Jerry Wasserman, Vancouverplays

“This show is a must see for all moms” Cathy Piso, Kids Vancouver

“A fantastic roller coaster ride that left me wanting more” Sarah Loewen, Yoyobelly

“Perfect for any mom wanting to take a break from the everyday” Christine Pilkington, Vancouver Mom

“you will laugh (and we mean really laugh) and cry as five local moms and actors tell their everyday mom stories, and provide you with reassurance that your experiences are not unique!” Michelle Tice, SavvyMom

“My face hurt throughout the performance because I laughed so hard. When I wasn’t laughing I was simply smiling, nodding my head, or crying” Dave Nichol, Homorazzi

“They show us that their collective embarrassments, health anxieties and frustrations are ours too” John Jane, Review Vancouver

“I laughed until I cried. And then I did it a few dozen more times before the lights came up…these women hit the nail on the head when it comes to motherhood” Marilyn Belsham, A Lot of Loves

“One of the funniest, heart wrenching, intimate shows to hit the stage” Wendy Dallian, The Vancouverist

“I haven’t laughed so hard in ages…The only flaw of the entire show? It was too short. I didn’t want it to end…one of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time. I recommend it for any woman no matter the stage of motherhood you are in, as well as anyone who has a mother, is married to a mother, or is friends with a mother. You will be on the floor rolling in laughter and wiping tears of emotion” Kristy Hill, Vancouver Mom

“These women are fearless…Funny and sometimes poignant…it is easy to see why this franchise has endured since first appearing on Vancouver stages in 1995” Mark Robins, GayVancouver

“Covers the highs and lows of parenting. It took me from hysterical laughter to tears in an in instant…What struck me about Mom’s the Word was how every mom has this shared experience” Amber Strocel,

From tots to teens the Moms have tackled them all and now they are back! The shockingly funny Moms reunite to bring us highlights from the smash hits Mom’s the Word and Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged, their globetrotting, multi award-winning comedies. They’ve touched hearts and tickled funny bones from Australia to London’s West End with their true stories of the heartache and joy of motherhood. New mom or grandmother, male or female, the Moms will move you to laughter and put a lump in your throat.