Indigenous Learning Exchange Program

Date posted: April 20, 2018

Photo credit – The Rez Sisters 2014, from left: Reneltta Arlak, Lisa C. Ravensbergen, Tasha Faye Evans, Tantoo Cardinal, Tracey Nepinak, Tiffany Ayalik, Cheri Maracle & Waawaate Fobister, directed by Peter Hinton, designed by Catherine Hahn, Bonnie Beecher & Troy Slocum. Photo by David Cooper

“The Indigenous Learning Exchange Program was a very unique and positive experience for me…easily adaptable to my learning pace and style, it allowed me to engage in several areas of the Belfry.

As a part of this learning exchange, I brought with me my own perspective from my Métis culture, much of which has to do with group sharing, and the understanding of the round table concept of learning”

Elowynn Rose, 2019 participant

In 2018, the Belfry launched the Indigenous Learning Exchange Program — a reciprocal learning opportunity. The Program provides participants with a period of paid employment and skills development in a well-established professional theatre company while providing the Belfry with an opportunity to learn Indigenous ways of creation and theatre-making. The Program also helps the Belfry to build a more understanding and welcoming relationship with Indigenous artists, arts organizations, and communities.

We are seeking applications from current and aspiring Indigenous theatre directors, performing arts administrators, stage managers, production personnel, craftspeople and designers.

The primary qualification is a desire to be employed and engaged within the national theatre/performing arts community. Individual skill levels will vary from candidate to candidate and should not be considered a barrier to applying.

* Length of employment and areas of focus are customizable to the needs and schedules of the participants.

* Salary or fee for the position is negotiable and contingent on the candidate’s area of work, their experience, and hours per week they are available to the Belfry. Candidates should expect a minimum salary equivalent to $575.00/week with a top salary expectation of the equivalent of $800.00/week.

* Interested applicants should forward a brief resume accompanied by a letter indicating the skills they hope to develop.

* The application process is ongoing.  

To submit an application or to obtain further info prior to applying, please feel free to call the Belfry Theatre at 250-385-6835 and ask to speak to:

Michael Shamata, Artistic

The launch of this program was made possible through the generous support of the Victoria Foundation.