Date posted: August 13, 2011

November 15 – December 18, 2011

by David French

” Jitters is the happiest case of stage fright I have ever encountered.” New York Post

“A comedic masterpiece… Jitters is witty, affectionate, bitchy; bitterly touching. French handles a complicated idea with great sophistication.” Toronto Star

A delicious backstage comedy about life in the theatre.  A new play is poised to open, and we are plunged into a hilarious world of larger-than-life personalities, easily bruised egos, contradictions, complications, faulty props, close quarters, lost lines, and a visit from a big-time producer – all adding to the opening night “jitters” of cast, crew, writer, and director.

Starring Lindsey Angell, Norman Browning, Jason Clift, Ted Cole, Dean Paul Gibson, Kyle Jespersen, Gerry Mackay, Laurie Paton, and Hazel Venzon

Director Patrick McDonald Set Designer Charlotte Dean Costume Designer Nancy Bryant Lighting Designer John Webber Stage Manager Kim Charleen Smith

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Jitters on CTV Vancouver Island

Belfry Clip for Jitters

Theatre Museum Canada
There’s an amazing website devoted to the history of theatre in Canada. Theatre Museum Canada features full length interviews with many of Canada’s finest theatre artists. The following is an excerpt from his interview with David French.

Our thanks to Theatre Museum Canada for allowing us to use this video and for taking on this important project.