Have you heard what’s happening at the Belfry?

Date posted: August 30, 2022

You will hear it a whole lot better this season with an addition to our hearing assistive technology. Some of our audience members are part of the over four million Canadians with some form of hearing impairment and enjoying our performances has been difficult for them.

Our present system uses microphones located in front of the balcony to transmit to earbuds or personal headphones plugged into one of our receivers. This year we have upgraded to a loop system which will send the actors’ voices directly to hearing aids in the ear. By selecting the T-coil function on the hearing aid (and virtually all hearing aids have that function) the listener will get distortion-free sound delivered as the playwright and actors intend. We will still be lending participants a receiver and now a neck loop as they arrive.

The system is simple to use. As well, hearing-impaired ticket holders are still welcome to drop by the theatre any afternoon during a performance run to read a director’s script.

If you have friends who have been reluctant to attend our main stage productions because of hearing loss, let them know about this upgrade and invite them to join you for one of our shows this season. And, if you want to support the Belfry’s capacity to serve our community, you can contribute HERE to further this work.

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