Gifts of Stock

While gifts of cash are the most common way to give, if you’re looking for a way to make a meaningful donation to the Belfry and reduce your tax bill, consider a donation of securities.

What CRA Considers a Publicly Traded Security

· shares, debt obligations or rights listed on designated stock exchanges in Canada or internationally
· shares of capital stock of a mutual fund corporation
· units of a mutual fund trust
· interests in related segregated fund trusts (an investment fund relating to an insurance policy)
· prescribed debt obligations
· partnership interests that are exchangeable for publicly traded securities (certain circumstances only)

In Canada, it is more tax-efficient to donate your publicly traded securities in certificate form or “in-kind” directly to the Belfry. The government encourages the giving of appreciated investments by potentially eliminating the taxes you must pay on such donations. Under normal circumstances, when you sell a publicy traded security, you are subject to income tax on 50% of the increase in value or capital gain. However, when you donate an appreciated investment to a registered charity, you don’t have to pay tax on any of the gain – the inclusion rate in income is 0%.

For example, if you donate stock that was originally purchased for $1200 but now has a fair market value of $2000, you will receive a tax receipt from the Belfry for $2000 (valued as at date of transfer) and will not pay the tax on the capital gain of $800.

To make a gift of securities, click below to download the form in Word or PDF format and return it to your financial advisor.

Full Legal Name: The Belfry Theatre Society

Registered Charity Number: 11921 5549 RR0001

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