January 23— February 18, 2018

Forget About Tomorrow

by Jill Daum with songs by John Mann

Show Info

Mainstage 3 (part of your season ticket package)

Directed by Michael Shamata

Can you re-imagine a lifetime together? Forget About Tomorrow is a play about a family – a loving family in crisis. When Jane’s husband Tom begins having trouble remembering things, she enters a world of denial. The play – at times extremely funny and always deeply moving – is Jane’s long and reluctant journey to accepting her husband’s fate, and the new role that she is expected to play.

Why I Chose This Play
Jill is one of the original creators and performers of Mom’s the Word. I have known her since the nineties. She invited me to a reading of this play two summers ago, and like everyone else there, I bawled my eyes out. Jill’s own life has been affected by this disease, and watching the way she cares for her beautiful man is astonishing. Featuring two gorgeous songs written by John Mann (lead singer, Spirit of the West), Forget About Tomorrow is a play about real people in a real-life situation. It is unexpected, moving, and also very funny. —Michael Shamata

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Forget About Tomorrow from Belfry Theatre on Vimeo.

Cast & Artists

    • Jennifer Lines
    • Jane
    • Craig Erickson
    • Tom
    • Colleen Wheeler
    • Lori
    • Aren Okemaysim
    • Aaron
    • Aleita Northey
    • Wynn
    • Hrothgar Mathews
    • Wayne
    • Jill Daum
    • Playwright
    • Michael Shamata
    • Director
    • Pam Johnson
    • Set & Costume Designer
    • Bryan Kenney
    • Lighting Designer
    • Candelario Andrade
    • Projection Designer
    • James Coomber
    • Sound Designer
    • John Mann
    • Songs
    • Caryn Fehr
    • Stage Manager
    • Christopher Sibbald
    • Assistant Stage Manager

The Heart of the Matter

  • Forget About Tomorrow


Saturday, January 20 at 11 am
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