COVID-19 Protocols

Protocols for Staff and Public (Revised November 23, 2020)

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Protocols for Staff and Public During Performance Times

 > Purchasing a ticket and entering the theatre building is a declaration of health and an acknowledgement of the risks associated with attending an indoor event.

 > Patrons will be given information on the Belfry’s health and safety protocols for attendance with confirmation of their ticket purchase and again within 48 hours of their scheduled performance.

 > Any patron who feels unwell, or has a sick family member at home, will be allowed to exchange their ticket for another ticket to a later performance or a future theatre credit, provided they contact the Box Office in advance of their scheduled performance. Ticket exchange/credit will not be offered retroactively.

 > Patrons who have been out of province are requested not to book tickets for a performance within two weeks of their return to BC.

 > Any patron who arrives at the theatre displaying symptoms of illness (such as fever, cough, or sneezing) will not be allowed to attend, and their tickets for that performance will be forfeit.

 > All staff, patrons, and volunteers are required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth while visiting the theatre including during performances (except while drinking).  Belfry waste stations are not to be used for mask disposal.

 > Exterior doors to the theatre will not be opened until the doors into the auditorium are also open (typically 30 minutes prior to each performance). Patrons are encouraged to go directly to their seats on entry into the building; those wishing to socialize should do so outside the building.

 > Seating capacity in the auditorium will be reduced to comply with current provincial gathering size limits, and seat locations will be spaced to provide a minimum of 2 meters between patron groups.

 > Patron groups will be restricted to a maximum of 4 persons from a shared household.

 > No patrons will be seated in the front row of the Main Floor (Row A).

 > Patrons will be given staggered arrival times based on their ticket seating location: patrons with centrally located seats will be instructed to arrive 30 minutes prior to the performance for the first seating intake; patrons with aisle seats will be instructed to arrive 15 minutes prior to the performance for the second intake.

 > Three exterior entrance doors will be available:

o > The double doors at the top of the stairs closer to Fernwood Road, above Studio B, for the use of patrons with tickets in hand whose seats are on the Balcony.

o > The double doors at the top of the stairs closer to Gladstone Ave (main lobby doors) for the use of patrons who need to visit the Box Office, or for those with tickets in hand whose seats are on the Main Floor. One set of stairs leading to these doors will be closed off for traffic control.

o > The door at the top of accessibility ramp for the use of patrons who wish to avoid stairs.

o  > Patrons will be asked to line up outside the building before entry. Line spacing markers will be present leading to each entrance.

 > Tickets will be checked at the exterior Balcony Access doors and at a point near the rear Main Floor entrance inside the lobby. Ticket checking will be contactless.

 > Concession services will be offered through pre-order only (no at-counter service) and will be limited to cold beverages only. The lobby drinking fountain will be closed. Patrons are asked not to bring food or drink with them to the theatre, other than personal water bottles (which may be refilled at the hands-free concession faucet).

 > Physical programmes will not be offered. Links to programme information will be provided on the Belfry website and by email.

 > Traffic flow through the building will be restricted by certain doors and routes being designated for one-way traffic only. Signs will be posted to designate these doors and routes.

 > Patrons in the Lobby will have access to the washrooms on both the lobby and basement levels. Volunteers will be stationed near those washroom access points to ensure that washrooms do not exceed capacity, and that patrons are able to maintain physical distance around narrow access points (i.e. the stairwell to the basement level washrooms).

 > Patron seating will be assigned to alternating rows in such a fashion that each patron group has access to at least one aisle without obstruction by another patron group seated in the same row.

 > Patron seating will start in the 3rd row of the seating section on the main floor to allow minimum of 3 meter (10 feet) distancing from performers onstage.

 > Patrons who have entered the auditorium will have access to the washrooms prior to the performance and at intermission by exiting across the front of the Main Floor and into the Lobby via the Alcove Door. Spacing markers will be placed along the Main Floor aisles, including the front aisle, to distance patrons who need to exit to the Lobby.

 > Washroom area capacities are:

                -Lobby level multi-stall Women’s Washroom: 5 persons

                -Lobby level single-stall Accessibility Washroom: 1 person

                -Basement level multi-stall Men’s Washroom: 2 persons

                -Basement level single-stall washrooms: 1 person each (2 persons total)

 > Any patron who needs to exit during the performance is requested to do so via the rear doors. Patrons whose seats are on an aisle may be reseated after the performance begins; those whose seats are not on an aisle will be asked to watch the remainder of the performance on the monitor in the lobby.

 > Shows which require an intermission will have additional time built in for those intermissions.

 > Patrons will be encouraged to remain at their seats during intermissions unless using washrooms. Belfry staff or volunteers will be present in the house during intermissions to direct traffic and assist patrons exiting or re-entering.

 > Any patron who is observed excessively coughing or sneezing before or during the performance may be asked to leave.

 > Any patron who refuses to follow the Belfry’s health & safety protocols, or who behaves in a rude or abusive manner toward Belfry staff or volunteers, will be asked to leave.

 > The Belfry will require contact information for all patrons attending a performance. This information will be provided to the BCCDC or local Health Authority if requested for the purposes of contact tracing relating to an exposure to Covid-19. In all other circumstances, this information will be kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Belfry Theatre Society.

 > The Belfry will not use fog, haze, or simulated smoking effects onstage, recognizing that these effects can prompt coughing.

 > Staff and volunteers will not enter the building if displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or if not in good health.

 > Within 24 hours of each performance, the Belfry will confirm that all staff and volunteers scheduled for that performance are in good health. If any of those staff members or volunteers falls ill, the Belfry will ensure that sufficient staff and volunteers are present at the performance to oversee the health and safety of all patrons.

 > All Belfry staff and volunteers will be trained on these protocols, as well as on the traffic flow maps of the building, and on providing enhanced customer service.

 > Belfry staff and volunteers at a performance will clean their hands after touching any other person, item or surface, or after touching their face.

 > Belfry staff will clean all communal surfaces, including auditorium seats and armrests, before patrons are allowed into the building. Lobby and washroom areas will be cleaned again during the performance.

 > Janitorial will clean and sanitize in auditorium, washrooms, and public common areas following evening performances.

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