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If your question is time sensitive please call the Box Office at 250-385-6815.

Regular box office hours are:

During Performance Weeks

> Tuesday – Saturday from 10am to 4pm for advance business
> 90 minutes prior to each performance (Tuesday – Sunday) for ticket pick-ups for that performance only
> Closed Mondays

During Non-performance Weeks (September – June)

> Monday – Friday from 10am to 4pm

During Non-performance Weeks (July & August)

> Monday – Thursday from 10am to 4pm

Belfry Theatre

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Theatre Rentals

Yes, you can rent the Belfry.

We have hosted weddings, business mixers, fundraisers, receptions and concerts. To inquire about availability please complete a Rental Request Form, and you will be contacted by Mike Ford our Director of Production & Operations –

Technical specifications in pdf form.

Tech Specs

Rental Request Form

Play Submissions

For Playwrights

The Belfry is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation, and seeks to engage with and amplify the voices of Indigenous, Black, People of Colour (IBPoC) and other artists and theatre practitioners who have historically experienced discrimination and marginalization.


New Work at the Belfry

The Belfry has a long history of producing new Canadian work. Over the years, we have produced the first productions of work by playwrights from across the country, including:

Nick Bantock, Tara Beagan, Joel Bernbaum, Michel Marc Bouchard, Aaron Bushkowsky, Sally Clark, Jill Daum, Itai Erdal, David Ferguson, Lucia Frangione, Margaret Hollingsworth, David King, John Lazarus, Brian Linds, Kevin Loring, Erin Macklem, Joan MacLeod, Hannah Moscovitch, Morris Panych, Michele Riml, Bruce Ruddell, James Fagan Tait, Charles Tidler, Deborah Williams, and many others, including all but the first of the Wingfield Farm plays by Dan Needles. Click here to view our Play Chronology.


The majority of new plays currently produced at the Belfry begin as commissions, initiated by the theatre. We have a strong track record of producing the plays that we commission.

Second Productions

We have produced a number of second productions of plays. These are almost always Canadian, and we have either attended the premiere production or read the script. We encourage playwrights to email a notification of to the premiere production of any of their plays.

Sharing Your Work

For a number of years, we welcomed unsolicited scripts, inviting playwrights to share a synopsis and ten pages from the play. This proved a source of frustration for both theatre and playwrights, as scripts piled up in the Artistic Director’s office, and playwrights received responses after long delays—if at all.

We now ask that playwrights not send unsolicited scripts—or portions thereof.

To Playwrights whose work has been produced:

Please feel free to contact us regarding a script that you would like us to consider, and/or an idea or a new play in development, and we will respond. Contact Artistic Director Michael Shamata

To Emerging Playwrights (regardless of age):

Please feel free to contact us regarding any upcoming workshops or readings of your work.  If it’s possible for us to attend—we will do so. If not, we may ask to see the script    We do not have the capacity to accept unsolicited scripts.  For local playwrights, please take a look at the opportunities listed below. Contact Artistic Director Michael Shamata

To IBPoC Playwrights—established, emerging, or otherwise:

In addition to the two categories above, we are interested in hearing about any scripts—partial or complete—and/or any germ of an idea that you are considering. Contact Artistic Director Michael Shamata

What We Can Offer

Belfry Tower

The Belfry Tower is reserved exclusively for writers and can be booked free of charge by the day or the week. Interested artists should email Michael Shamata to inquire about availability.

New Incubator Project

The New Incubator Project is designed for local independent theatre companies and/or individual artists who wish to explore new work or a new creative impulse. While this is a self-directed program, mentorship by Belfry staff is available as requested—artistic, administrative, or technical.  For the purposes of this program, the definition of theatre is flexible. While some projects from this program have gone on to be presented during our annual SPARK Festival, there is no expectation of a final product.  Exploration is encouraged.

Over a two-year period, each participating company or individual will be provided one week of rehearsal space each year in either the Belfry’s BMO Studio Theatre or Studio B.  Priority is given to projects for which space is an essential part of the development process. Other projects may be directed to the Creators’ Circle.  Applications should be submitted by November 30 of any year. Check this page in the fall for details regarding applications.  The residency schedule will be determined according to the availability of the artists and the space.

Creators’ Circle

The Creators’ Circle provides feedback and community to local playwrights and theatre makers.  Facilitated by Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Kevin Kerr (Unity [1918]), this “playwrights’ unit” meets once a month, with members sharing their writing and discussing its progress.  Interested artists should contact us at the email address below by November 30 of any year.  The Creators’ Circle runs from January through the summer months.  For further information:

Creators’ Circle is supported by


We hold general auditions annually.

To find out when we have scheduled our General Auditions, you can sign up for our news feed, join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. We’ll post detailed information once the dates have been set.

October 2022 Audition Notice

The Belfry Theatre operates within the Canadian Theatre Agreement in association with the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Audition notices will also be posted on Equity’s e-drive.

Legacy Giving

If you or a client have questions about making a legacy gift to the Belfry, please contact Susan Stevenson at 250-385-6835 ext. 229 or


If you would like to cover the Belfry, require more information about our shows and events or, to access to our photographs and HD video, please contact Mark Dusseault at 250-385-6835 ext. 230 or

You can view our newsroom here.


The Belfry Volunteer program is proudly sponsored by Island Savings

For volunteer-related inquires, please contact the Front of House Manager at 250-385-6835 ext. 225 or

Please note: Our Volunteer Roster is currently full and we are not accepting any further applications at this time. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Belfry, please check back with us in the future.

Ticket Donation Request Program

The Belfry is proud to be able to support the fundraising events of other charities, schools, community groups, and arts organizations through the donation of performance tickets. Each season, we provide hundreds of tickets to worthy causes. To apply for a donation, please use our Online Donation Request form.

No phone calls, please.

Job Opportunites

Here are the latest job openings we have.

Indigenous Learning Exchange Program (The application process is ongoing and selected applicants will be contacted advising them of existing or future opportunities to participate).



  • Kate Barry

    Development Coordinator
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    Marketing & Communications Director
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    Linda Findlay

    Head of Wardrobe
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    Mike Ford

    Director of Production and Operations
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  • Ian Gibson

    Audience Services Manager
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    Keith Houghton

    Head Technician & Systems Administrator
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    Valerie Houle

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    Nora Kidston

    Front of House Manager
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  • Carole Klemm

    Scenic Artist
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    Jeremy MacLeod

    Technical Director
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    Patricia O'Brien

    Director of Finance
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    Peter Pokorny

    Head of Props & Scenic Carpenter
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  • Dale Pudwell

    Head Scenic Carpenter
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    Michael Shamata

    Artistic Director
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    Susan Stevenson

    Director of Development
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    Isaac Thomas

    Executive Director
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  • Stage Manager

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    Assistant Stage Manager

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