Belfry Librarian – The Children

Date posted: September 4, 2019

The wonderful librarians at the GVPL have compiled a list of books and videos to help you get even more out of The Children.

Springtime in Chernobyl by Emmanuel Lepage (2019)

Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich (2019)

Fractured: Tales of the Canadian post-Apocalypse; the Exile book of Anthology series Number Nine [ebook] published by Exile Editions (2014)

Crisis without end: the medical and ecological consequences of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe by Helen Caldicott (editor) (2014)

Behind the curve: science and the politics of global warming by Joshua P Howe (2014)

This borrowed earth : lessons from the fifteen worst environmental disasters around the world by Robert Emmet Hernan (2010)

Blue Planet II: take a deep breath [DVD] by James Honeyborne (2018)

My nuclear nightmare: leading Japan through the Fukushima disaster to a nuclear-free future by Naoto Kan (2017)

Strong in the rain: surviving Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster by Lucy Birmingham (2012)

Fallout: disasters, lies, and the legacy of the nuclear age by Fred Pearce (2018) 

Who’s sorry now? by Howard Jacobson (2002)

Sexual detours:  infidelity and intimacy at the crossroads by Holly Hein (2000)

The state of affairs: rethinking infidelity by Esther Perel (2017)

To have and to hold: Motherhood, Marriage and the modern dilemma by Molly Millwood, PhD (2019)

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