Belfry 101 / Belfry Leadership Training Program / School Matinees

Belfry 101
Belfry 101 is the umbrella title for a programme that is unique to the Belfry Theatre, designed to help open young people up to their own creative impulses.  In a safe environment, students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are introduced to the world of professional theatre, and encouraged to engage in critical thinking, social awareness and the creative process.

Belfry 201
Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 meet after school for two Thursdays during the run of each production on the Belfry Mainstage.  The students learn new theatre skills and exercises, see the plays, meet the actors, discuss the themes and images in each play, and relate them to the world around them.

Belfry 301
Students in grades 11 and 12 participate in all the Belfry 201 sessions, plus a third Thursday focused on play-building and creation.  During March Break, these students continue the play-building process, culminating in a presentation of their collectively created piece as the final event of the Belfry SPARK Festival.  This play expresses their responses to the productions they have seen throughout the season, and how the themes and images have changed the way that they see the world.

Participation in Belfry 201 and 301 is by application. The program runs from October to May, and is currently underway. The students pay only $60 ($10 /performance) including GST.  Price should not be a barrier to applying.  Five scholarships are available.  Individual applicants, parents or teachers can request a scholarship.

If you’d like more information about Belfry 101, please click on the Belfry 101 Dates & Details button below, or send an email to Belfry 101 Co-Cordinator.

The Belfry Leadership Training Program (BLT)

The BLT was designed to develop leadership skills in some remarkable young people who have participated in Belfry 101 (the Belfry’s Youth Education Program).

Program activities revolve around three key components:

(1) A year-long leadership course including facilitated workshops and hands on opportunities to be involved in the theatre’s ongoing outreach and diversity programmes;

(2) a self-directed investigation/research project of one aspect of cultural diversity within our community; and

(3) an individually tailored connection to the Belfry Theatre in order to further develop their critical awareness of, and social responsibility for the world around them.

If you’d like more information about the Belfry Leadership Training Program, please send an email to our Artistic Associate at associate[at]

Or download our application form here.

Matinee Pricing for School Groups

We offer high school groups a special $10 price to most Mainstage shows on Wednesday matinees. Please see Calendar for dates. To book a school group, please contact our Box Office Manager at 250-385-6835.

The Belfry 101 program is generously supported by RBC Emerging Artists Project, The Hamber Foundation, and The Joint Pizzeria & Deli.