Belfry 101 / Belfry Leadership Training Program

Belfry 101 (Grades 10 – 12)

Belfry 101 is our signature program for secondary school students. In a safe environment, students are introduced to the world of professional theatre, and encouraged to engage in critical thinking, social awareness and the creative process. The program is comprised of a core of Belfry 101 Ensemble students and a smaller group of students from within the Ensemble called Belfry 101 Collective.

Belfry 101 Ensemble meets after school for two Thursdays during the run of each production on the Belfry Mainstage. The students see the plays, meet the actors, discuss the themes and images in each play, and learn theatre-making skills from professional artists.

In addition to participation in the Ensemble, Belfry 101 Collective students meet for a third Thursday during the run of each production on the Belfry Mainstage. They also spend all of March Break engaging in a play-building process resulting in a collective creation presented as the final event of the Belfry SPARK Festival.

Participation in both streams of Belfry 101 is by application.

Program Price $60
Regardless of participation in the Ensemble or the Collective, the program fee is a flat $60/student including GST. This cost covers one ticket for six different productions throughout the season. The program runs from October to May.

Price should not be a barrier to applying. Several scholarships are available. Individual applicants, parents, or teachers can request a scholarship by writing to our Education Coordinator at

Pizza and drinks are provided free of charge during the first Thursday workshop for each show. Students are responsible for their own food and drink at all other sessions.

Audience Advice
Some of our plays deal with mature themes and subject matter and may contain strong language. We need to know that you and your parents are comfortable with you seeing these plays. Reading copies of the plays are available at the Belfry Box Office – you and your parents are welcome to read them in our lobby.

Applications for Belfry 101 (2019-2020) Program are now closed.
Thank you for your interest in Belfry 101. Next season’s applications will open late summer.

If you’d like more information about Belfry 101, please email our Education Coordinator at

Belfry 101 Dates (First Thursdays run 4:30 pm – 10 pm, all other sessions are Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 7 pm)

First Thursday
Second Thursday
Belfry Collective Only 
The Children
October 3
October 10
October 17
Bang Bang
November 14
November 21
November 28
Every Brilliant
December 19
The Ministry 
of Grace
February 20
February 27
March 5
SPARK Festival
March 12
March 19
March 26
May 7

Belfry Collective – March Break (March 16 – 22)

During the March Break, Belfry Collective students will be expected to be available every day from 10 am to 4:30 pm from March 16 to 20. Rehearsal times on March 21 and 22 will be determined at a later date, but participants are advised to expect full rehearsal days.

The Belfry Collective performance will be presented on the evening of March 22, 2020 in The BMO Studio (this is a ticketed event open to the public, so you can contact Box Office to book your tickets).

Belfry 101 is generously supported by

If you are looking for information on our Belfry 101 in the Nations Pilot Project, please click the button below. 


The Belfry Leadership Training Program (BLT)

The BLT was designed to develop leadership skills in some of the remarkable young people who have participated in Belfry 101.

Program activities revolve around three key components:

> A year-long leadership course, including facilitated workshops and hands on opportunities to be involved in the theatre’s ongoing outreach and diversity programs. A self-directed investigation/research project of one aspect of cultural diversity within our community.

>A self-directed investigation/research project of one aspect of cultural diversity within our community.

> An individually tailored connection to a not-for-profit organization, in order to further develop their critical awareness of, and social responsibility towards, the world around them.

If you’d like more information about the Belfry Leadership Training Program, please email our Belfry 101 Co-Coordinator at