Belfry 101 Application


All applicants are accepted into Belfry 101 on a first come first served basis and are considered part of the Belfry 101 Ensemble (Grades 10-12 only, Approx. 40 hour commitment).

In addition to being part of the Belfry 101 Ensemble, students can apply for the Belfry 101 Collective (Grades 11-12, Approx. 100 hour commitment). Participation in the Collective includes:

  1. Belfry 101 Ensemble participation.
  2. Collective creation sessions: Oct 17, Nov 28, Mar 5 & Mar 26.
  3. Collective creation rehearsals over Spring Break (March 16-22, 2020).
  4. A collective creation performance during the Spark! Festival on March 22, 2020. 

The Belfry 101 Collective can only accept a maximum of 2 students per school. Any additional applicants from the same school will be admitted to the Ensemble and go on a wait-list for the Collective.

Belfry 101 Ensemble accepts 25-30 students (including Collective students).

Belfry 101 Collective accepts 12-15 students.

Students must be in Grade 10, 11 or 12 as of September 2019 and must be available for all sessions as outlined on the Belfry 101 web page.

All applicants to the Ensemble will be notified by October 2. Ensemble applicants who also applied for the Collective will be notified of their acceptance into the Collective on October 4. First meeting for all participants is October 3, 2019.

Applications will be accepted until September 30, 2019.

Apply Below!

Belfry 101 Application

2019-2020 Theatre Season
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    Belfry 101 can only accept applicants from Grades 10-12
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  • If so, please list which year(s) you attended Belfry 101 and if you were part of the collective. Given a waitlist scenario for the Ensemble, Grade 12s will be given preference.
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  • If you are also applying for the Belfry 101 Collective, please explain why.
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