Belfry 101 and Tearful Goodbyes!

Date posted: March 24, 2013

The Spark Festival came to a close tonight with the Belfry 101 Live performance. Belfry 101 is an umbrella title for Belfry 201 and Belfry 301, a programme that is unique to the Belfry Theatre, designed to open young people up to their own creative impulses. This year 11 high school students came together for their spring break and created a poetic and thought provoking piece that shed light on the topic of “what it means to give meaning”. They had a great show with many supporters, including BLT!

With that said, this ends the Spark Festival 2013 AND the BLT blog posts! We’ve had such a great time keeping you updated and rapping our feelings, and we feel very humbled by all of the Belfry theatre staff for supporting our internet adventures. This is our last post, but certainly not the last time you’ll see us. So thank you, and until next year, keep feeling the Spark!

Forever your sandwich,

B (Charlotte) L (Kathryn) and T (Monica)