March 9 - 21, 2021

Being Here: The Refugee Project

Created by Joel Bernbaum

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World Premiere

Real Stories. Real Words.

From the creators of Home Is A Beautiful Word—our powerful and acclaimed verbatim play about homelessness—comes a celebration of brave spirits and human hearts – turning true life into a powerful theatrical experience.

Refugees from around the world and their Canadian sponsors—from Victoria to Halifax—share their experiences in their own words. Their remarkable escapes—and their reasons for escaping.

Their sponsors experience the flush of good intentions—and come face-to-face with the complexity of human nature. Triumphs, disappointments and the delicate balance between ideals and reality—these are real life stories—in the words and voices of real people

Joel Bernbaum compiled and edited the interviews for Home is a Beautiful Word (Belfry 2014), dramaturged and directed by Michael Shamata.

Why I Chose This Play

Home Is A Beautiful Word was a remarkable experience to work on and present to our audiences. BEING HERE promises to be an equally satisfying piece of “documentary theatre.”  Joel conducted interviews across Canada. The stories are wildly varied—but the hearts that beat at the centre of each of them are incredibly similar.  It is a privilege to put these voices onstage—the voices of these refugees and the generous sponsors who reached out to help them. Michael Shamata


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