January 29—February 24, 2019


By Matthew MacKenzie

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★★★★★ “… a witty, riveting and evocative production…Bears will leave you breathless.” —Now Magazine

“It’s rare enough to find original theatre that is so definably of this place. Theatre that harnesses the divergent resources of multi-disciplinary artists so creatively to mount an argument is rarer still. You can’t really afford to miss Bears.” Edmonton Journal

“a combination of ingenuity, humour and the fire of political commitment.” Toronto Star

“Bears advertises itself as an ‘unapologetically political’ play. And it is that…But it’s also very funny, theatrically fresh and delightful, a change from the kind of pro-environmental work we’ve come to expect on our stages” Vancouver Plays

“Bears is unabashedly partisan (and simply magical)” Vancouver Presents

“It’s a blend of chase story, identity search, ode to Indigenous spirituality, dark comedy, interdisciplinary spectacle, and eco-activist plea” The Georgia Straight

A multi-disciplinary journey through our wondrous and contested environment.

Pursued by the RCMP, Floyd has to get out of town fast. Heading through the Rockies for the Pacific, through the forests and along the rivers, he experiences changes – inside and out. Floyd’s journey is assisted by the wildlife he encounters – especially the bears.

Bears won two Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards in Edmonton for Outstanding Musical Score and Outstanding Choreography. Bears won the 2018 Dora Awards (Toronto) for Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Production.

“I’d never seen a piece that speaks to issues facing Canada’s Indigenous peoples as effectively and beautifully as Bears does.” —JERRY SADDLEBACK, CREE ELDER AND DEAN OF CULTURAL STUDIES AT MASKWACÎS COLLEGE

I want to showcase the work of one of our country’s outstanding Indigenous theatre companies. This story is so theatrically bold with its chorus of female dancers. —MS


Bears is generously supported by

Cast & Artists

    • Sheldon Elter
    • Floyd
    • Shammy Belmore
    • Karina Cox
    • Skye Demas
    • Lara Ebata
    • Zoë Glassman
    • Kendra Shorter
    • Gianna Vacirca
    • Matthew MacKenzie
    • Playwright / Director
    • Patrick Lundeen
    • Associate Direction
    • Erin Voaklander
    • Stage Manager
    • Monica Dottor
    • Choreographer
    • Noor Dean Phatcat Musani
    • Electronic Composition
    • T Erin Gruber
    • Environmental Design
    • Brianna Kolybaba and Monica Dottor
    • Costume Design
    • Trent Crosby
    • Technical Director
    • Christine Sokaymoh Frederick
    • Artistic Producer