Anita Rochon and Gregor Craigie at the B4Play event for Alice Munro Stories / Photo by Don Craig

B4Play is a live talk-show (and podcast) in the Belfry’s BMO Studio Theatre, featuring guests from the upcoming Belfry production, along with experts on topics related to the play. B4Play is hosted by CBC Radio’s Gregor Craigie, and is a collaboration between the Belfry Theatre and CBC Radio.

Gregor Craigie is our exceptional host and interviewer. In 60 minutes, Gregor interviews four individuals about the upcoming production – including the director, one of the actors, and two local experts on subjects related to the play — examples — an artist demonstrating Mark Rothko’s painting technique (RED), or a professor of gender and women’s history (A Doll’s House, Part 2).