A message from novelist and Belfry supporter Katrin Horowitz

Date posted: December 1, 2021

Seana McKenna in The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion / Photo by David Cooper / Designer – John Ferguson – Lighting Designer – Michael Walton

There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind us how special the Belfry is. A year ago, as the days grew colder and shorter, I found myself longing more than ever to settle into my seat and once again share the intricate chemistry of actors, audience, playwright and director that the Belfry curates so thoughtfully. Would the next performance be as astonishingly beautiful as Bears? As heart-rending as The Year of Magical Thinking? As edgy and funny as Venus in Fur? But of course, none of us could come to add new experiences to our lists of all-time favourites.
Nevertheless, because I so much wanted the Belfry to still be there once the worst of the pandemic was over I increased my annual donation last year. It felt like an expression of hope for the future at a time when hope was hard to find. And the Belfry, to keep that sense of hope and connection alive, reached out to us safely, most recently by streaming Same Old Same Old — so funny, poignant and intimate — into our homes.

Now that the Belfry is ready to welcome us back inside for an exciting new season I know that my favourite play is the one I’ll see next. I can’t wait to see everyone — the audience, the actors, the staff and volunteers — who I have missed so much.

– Katrin Horowitz

Thank you to all who contributed to the arts this week for Giving Tuesday!

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