A message for our wonderful volunteers

Date posted: April 20, 2021

Michael’s Message

Without revealing a sweet treat that Jane has in store for you—let me just say that it made me realize how much I miss you—!  Which in turn made me understand why I would rather work from home these days than use my office at the theatre.  Our precious, perfect theatre is meant to be humming with activity, filled with energy and creativity—and people. 

And we have the very best people—our amazing staff and our outstanding volunteers——making theatre—making our patrons welcome—making it all work.

But here we are—in circumstances neither of us could ever have imagined—and discovering something neither of us could ever have understood as profoundly without these circumstances—art is a necessity.

We need it as much as we need the air we breath—and as much as the Belfry needs you—!

I wish you and your family good health.

And I can’t wait until you are back in the Belfry—where you belong—!

With much affection and respect—


Ivan’s Message

Studies have clearly found that the benefits of being a volunteer include, less stress, improve physical health, happiness, intellectual stimulation, increased social connection – generally makes one healthier and happier.

But for the Belfry, all our volunteers – you – make us sustainable, connect us to community, are our welcome to patrons and visitors. In short you are a major part of the heart Belfry.

We see you as a crucial part of the team, contributing so much to our personality as an important cultural institution in Greater Victoria. While it has been a very long pause between seeing all your lovely faces gracing our theatre, a small light at the end of this tunnel is showing through.

So, we not only say thank you for your care, loyalty, and service, but also, we’ll see you soon again at the theatre. Perhaps not very soon, but soon we will be able to trade smiles in the lobby and sit on our theatre to enjoy what the Belfry does so well, great plays with great performances in great productions.

Until we meet again at the theatre –

Thank you all for your contribution, thank you all for your patience, and thank you for your generosity and loyalty.


Photo – Michael Shamata and Ivan Habel / Photo by Jo-Ann Richards, Works Photography