April 9—May 5, 2019

4000 Miles

By Amy Herzog

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“…funny, moving, altogether wonderful. . . A heartening reminder that a keen focus on life’s small moments can pay off in a big way onstage.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Herzog’s….humor, honesty and narrative subtlety make this a rarity: a family play that avoids sentimentality or sitcom shtick” TIME MAGAZINE

“Amy Herzog[‘s] fine, deeply affecting dual character study… Although 4000 Miles makes one think of a first-rate novella, it is solidly theatrical. 4000 Miles is the sort of rich, satisfying play you should take your grandmother to — especially if she’s as smart and fierce as Vera.” TIME OUT NEW YORK

An intergenerational comedy about finding peace, love and understanding.

New York. The middle of the night. Vera, an irascible, politically active 90-year old is awakened by her grandson Leo, who has cycled from Seattle on a trip with his best friend.

In their month together, Vera and Leo bewilder each other, argue and connect as they discover the thin line between growing up and growing old.

A finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize, Herzog’s 4000 Miles is populated with beautifully drawn characters you’ll fall in love with.

RUNNING TIME – 2 hours / including one 15-minute intermission

Amy Herzog’s writing is so exquisite, and this story is so simple and true and affecting, I have wanted to program it for years. Funny and recognizable – it sneaks up on you, and before you know it – you don’t want to say goodbye to these people. —MS

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Cast & Artists

    • Brenda Robins
    • Vera
    • Nathan Howe
    • Leo
    • Julie Leung
    • Amanda
    • Lucy McNulty
    • Bec
    • Anita Rochon
    • Director
    • Peter Hartwell
    • Set & Costume Designer
    • Wendy Lundgren
    • Lighting Designer
    • Steven Charles
    • Sound Designer
    • Christopher Sibbald
    • Stage Manager
    • Emily Mewett
    • Assistant Stage Manager
    • Shanae Sodhi
    • Assistant Director
    • Aidan Dunsmuir
    • Assistant Sound Designer