2020 New Incubator Program Biographies

2020 New Incubator & Creators’ Circle Participants

Having received many exciting applications from artists in our community, we are happy to introduce this year’s participants in the New Incubator Program and our newly formed Creators’ Circle.

For more information about the New Incubator Program & the Creators’ Circle, click here.

Collectivus Theatre 

Collectivus Theatre is made up of Ellery Lamm and Anna Marie Anderson. This writer/director duo strive to create relevant and impactful theatre, particularly for young adult audiences. Collectivus Theatre’s goal is to tell stories that give voice to identities and experiences that are often not seen on stage. 

Summer Bucket List 

Collectivus Theatre will work alongside young actors in Victoria on the ongoing edits to the full-length play, Summer Bucket List (Victoria Fringe 2019 Best Drama & Best Original New Work). Using subject matter currently relevant to youth, our goal is to spark conversations, promote empathy, and incorporate the thoughts and influences of young people into the final realization of this play. 

Rage Sweater Theatre 

Tony Adams, Monica Ogden, and KP Dennis

KP Dennis (they/he) is a black, trans-masculine, multi-disciplinary artist, producer, director, and activist. Monica Ogden (she/they) is a disabled Filipina storyteller, anti-racist feminist actor and YouTuber. KP Dennis, Monica Ogden, and Tony Adams make up Rage Sweater Theatre Productions, the creative team behind the award-winning Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior (***** Winnipeg Free Press) and LUB DUB (**** Edmonton Journal). They are an unapologetically loud, QT2IBPOC, non-binary, disabled theatre company, whose work focuses on socio-political activism, and sharing BIPOC stories. They mix storytelling, stand-up comedy, movement, and song, as well as bringing the audience together in their practice of being together. 


From Christopher Columbus to Billy Ray Cyrus, My Chemical Romance to white Jesus, 100 YT GUYS IN AN HOUR is a high-energy musical comedy that  deconstructs the white supremacist colonial lens and systems of thought, to reclaim BIPOC history and uplift and celebrate BIPOC truth, stories, and histories, that will never be erased.

Sarah Pitman 

Sarah Pitman

Sarah Pitman is a theatre artist originally from the traditional territory of the Lkwungen peoples (Victoria BC). Her previous work has been read and performed with Vino Buono Theatre, the Belfry’s  New Play Cabaret, and the UVic undergraduate writing journal This Side of West. In addition, her play Inside the Box was performed in Vancouver as part of The Cultch’s Ignite! Youth Festival. Sarah’s work focuses closely on character and language, attempting to blur the lines between theatrical and prosaic forms. She is constantly striving to learn and is looking forward to collaborating with the other writers in the Incubator Project. 

Remarkable Engines 

Remarkable Engines (working title) looks at the story of Ada Lovelace, a revolutionary 19th century mathematician, often considered the first computer programmer. From her childhood to her death at age 36, Lovelace faced external barriers to her work, as well as internal struggles with mental health and addiction. Through this piece, Sarah hopes to explore how people, particularly women, are portrayed and mis-represented in history, along with the power-dynamics of story-telling and the significance of choice in a fatalistic society. 

Rick Waines 

Rick Waines

Rick Waines is a playwright and also the Belfry Theatre’s principal describer for VocalEye—a live descriptive arts service for the blind.  He has devoted a great deal of his life to representing his experiences with HIV on stage, including a Jessie Richardson Award (Outstanding Performance-Discussion Facilitator) with Green Thumb Theatre’s production of The Cost of Living and his plays  Dragonfly Drinking  (2001, Roundhouse Theatre, Vancouver, Jessie Award nomination) and Secret/e  (2019, Intrepid Theatre Club).  He is looking forward to benefiting from the pooling of everyone’s experience in the Incubator. 


Rick will be writing a verbatim play based on 85 interviews from an Oral History project called  HIV In My Day. These interviews were done with people who lived through the first 10 years of AIDS.  He is currently finishing reading the interviews and considering how best to structure the piece. 

Molly Beatrice, Emily Hay, Hailee Jake Friesen & Alexander Moorman 

Molly Beatrice, Emily Hay, Hailee Jake Friesen, and Alexander Moorman found a shared love of alternative creation during their undergraduate degrees at the Phoenix Theatre.  Molly will serve as the co-facilitator/director of The Fear Projects, Emily as the co-facilitator /choreographer, and Hailee Jake and Alex as the two primary production designers. 

The Fear Project 

What are you afraid of?  What are you attracted to?  Have you ever felt scary? Have you ever felt sexy? When do the two exist together and what do they have in common? The Fear Projects is a devised movement piece about the intersection between attraction and fear. The work is centred on a series of verbatim interviews that explore the unique relationship between sexy and scary. 

Impulse Theatre

Andrew Barrett

Artists: Andrew Barrett, Stewart Legere, Megan K. Quigley, Brian Postalian, and Patricia Reilly

Impulse Theatre was founded in 2010 on Lekwungen Territory on a rock in the ocean by multidisciplinary performing artist, Andrew Barrett. The company has created over 20 new works since then, established the annual festival Peek Fest, and spearheaded multiple initiatives for the development of local performance in the region.

The company’s work has been presented by the Belfry Theatre’s Spark Festival, upintheair’s rEvolver Theatre Festival, the Firehall Art Centre’s BC Buds Festival, Videofag, Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede, and Intrepid Theatre’s UnoFest and OUTStages. www.impulsetheatre.ca

the soft spaces

the soft spaces, a new autobiographical solo performance told through physical theatre, contemporary dance, song, storytelling and design. The multidisciplinary project unravels the inner walls and gender roles Artistic Producer Andrew Barrett created to protect himself while growing up queer on Salt Spring island.

Hannah Mariko Bell 

Hannah Mariko Bell

Hannah Mariko Bell is a proud fourth generation Japanese Canadian and a recent graduate of the University of Victoria’s theatre program (BFA with Distinction, 2019) where she took a comprehensive approach to her theatre education.  Her first production, Kansha, was produced in 2018 as part of Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show, with support from the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society and the National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leader Fund.  Hannah’s goal as a theatre artist is to engage different communities through positive representations of Japanese culture, and to challenge audience perspectives through a variety of theatrical practices.   


Momotarō is a Japanese fairy tale about a young boy who is born inside a peach and embarks on a journey to fight an island of demons with a talking dog, a pheasant and a monkey. Momotarō will be coming to life as a shadow puppet play. 

Bragi Theatre 

Named after the Norse god of Poetry, Bragi Theatre is committed to pathfinding theatre that dares to sail beyond the confines of genre. It has produced the short plays Rural Ravaillac and Kid Viking for Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede, Bedsprings and Last Pick Nick for Impulse Theatre’s PeekFest, and mounted O, Come All Ye Faithful in the 2017 Victoria Fringe. The current collective includes playwright/performer Nicholas Guerreiro, designer/director Annie Konstantinova, and performer/deviser Julie McGuire. They are all former or current University of Victoria students who decided to collaborate while working on Bucket Head Productions’ Money on the Table in the 2019 Victoria Fringe.  

Tricky Gylfi 

Based on the 13th century book “The Prose Edda,” Tricky Gylfi explores the ways in which gender liberates, constricts and informs both contemporary life and the world of Norse mythology. From the creation of the universe by a gender-fluid giant to the its destruction at the hands of the ever-changing trickster Loki, these ancient tales are populated by a pantheon of figures who are gender-dissident and non-conforming.  Against the backdrop of macho portrayals of Vikings in the media and the alarming return of neofascism to the public sphere, Tricky Gylfi takes a timely and subversive look at these classic stories.   

David Elendune 

David Elendune

Mostly a playwright, sometimes a director, occasionally an actor, David is probably best known to local audiences for his recent shows: Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes & The Curse of Moriarty, Leer, Winnie The Pooh and Casino Royale

The Shadow in the Water 

The Shadow In The Water is to be a new piece of intelligent entertainment that will center upon:  the 1916 New Jersey Shore shark attacks, the behind-the-scenes drama that was the making of the movie Jaws, and the creative process that accompanies writing a play about the above.  

Jo Leslie

Jo Leslie

For 45 years Jo has contributed to theatre and dance across Canada in many roles—dancer, choreographer, movement director (80 productions, including new opera in Sweden and Wales), teacher of dancers and actors (National Theatre School for 11 years, Concordia University) director, dance journalist, Co-Founder of Montreal’s Studio 303, director of performers with disabilities, dance dramaturge, mentor, acting coach, workshop leader, Movement Coach at the Stratford Festival, Artist-in-Residence at Theatre SKAM, Artistic Associate at Vancouver’s Dance Centre, post-show animator, writer, playwright, arts leader.  Jo is from Montreal and moved to BC in 2014.

Trajectory of Desire

Trajectory of Desire is Jo’s first full length script.  She proposes to examine the wants and dreams of older women; the wise ones who feel invisible.  Based on interviews with 20 women aged 60 -95 years, and her own life as a mother, partner and caregiver, Trajectory of Desire will be a montage of scenes, monologues, images and movement sequences.  The piece has received Canada Council funding for the first phase of development:  conducting the interviews, writing the first draft, and workshopping the script.  Veteran Canadian actor Clare Coulter (Toronto) is a collaborator.  Kevin Kerr is dramaturg.