March 9—26 2017


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March 9 – 11

Book by Alex Wlasenko / Music by Hank Pine and Alex Wlasenko
Atomic Vaudeville, Victoria
Belfry Mainstage

World Premiere. BlissKrieg is a musical comedy about the two last people in the universe inside a post-human simulated paradise. Tilda gives her daughter Jingwei a crash course on humanity as they have just over an hour to make a crucial decision on the future of life in the universe. Based on the previous incarnation of Atomic Vaudeville’s production of Action Revue.


Sunday, March 12 at 4 pm
Belfry Lobby

An all-ages dance party of pure awesomeness. Live humans dancing to music provided by Brooke Maxwell & the Neighbourhood Hootenanny Time Machine Band. Bring your children, bring your parents, bring everyone.


Monday, March 13 at 7 pm
Why We Are Here!
Created by Martin Julien and Brian Quirt
Nightswimming, Toronto
Royal BC Museum

This is an invitation to sing with other people. No experience required –  but it is an experience.

Why We Are Here! is Nightswimming’s portable pop-up choir – an exciting choral adventure in which the audience are the singers. Featuring one of Victoria’s top choral leaders, Why We Are Here! is an interactive singing experience that brings friends and strangers together to create an invigorating theatrical event about right here and right now.


March 14 – 18
Evalyn Parry
OutSpoke Productions, Toronto
Belfry Mainstage

“Part theatre, part music gig, part spoken word poetry, part documentary: whatever it is, it is brilliant” TORONTO STAR

“…a welcome breath of fresh air….SPIN makes something beautiful out of taking your life into your own hands”  GLOBE & MAIL

Innovative, award-winning Toronto artist Evalyn Parry takes her audience on an uncommon theatrical and musical journey in SPIN, her tour-de-force performance celebrating the Bicycle as muse, musical instrument and agent of social change.

Spinning a web of stories that travel from 19th century women’s emancipation to 21st century consumer culture, SPIN is inspired by the incredible true tale of Annie Londonderry, the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle in 1895. One part documentary and another part musical activism, Parry cleverly peels back layers of history to reveal a very contemporary heart to her theme of liberation.


March 14 – 18
This Is Not A Conversation
by Itai Erdal, Dima Alansari & Ker Wells
Elbow Theatre, Vancouver
Belfry Studio A

“Itai’s stories are personal, intimate, open and brave; they have a sensitive tone and turn to the very essence of human condition, namely history, family, cultural background, social and political constraints.” ART VANGUARD

From the creator/performer of How to Disappear Completely.

Itai was born in Israel and lived there until the age of 25.  Dima was born in Lebanon to a Palestinian family.  What happens when you put them onstage together?

In this new work, they will explore the conflict between their cultures and examine what is happening in their homelands, while challenging each other’s deeply ingrained values and beliefs.  Both are natural storytellers and improvisers who are at ease ad-libbing in front of audiences.  Both are combative and very passionate about the conflict in the Middle East, and both know a lot about its history and political context.


March 21 – 25
What A Young Wife Ought To Know
By Hannah Moscovitch
2b theatre, Halifax
Belfry Mainstage

“Five Stars. This superior production, presented at the Belfry Theatre’s Spark Festival by Halifax-based 2 b theatre company, is simply not to be missed. The 80-minute show bristles with humour, intelligence and big-hearted humanity.” TIMES COLONIST

“By giving the women of the 1920s a voice, Moscovitch has given many contemporary women a voice as well… it is an opportunity to contemplate the state of sexual health and freedom in our society today…4 stars (out of 4)” GLOBE & MAIL

“Moscovitch, a 2014 finalist for the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, has added a painful, poetic piece of Canadian history to the literature of this country.”  HALIFAX HERALD

A brave and honest examination of love, sex and fertility, inspired by a movement that sparked a revolution. Set in Canada in the 1920s, it follows the story of Sophie, a young working-class wife, and shines a light into the dark corners of women’s rights and the conjugal bed.

March 21 – 26
By Brian Linds
Secret Location – meet at the Belfry

World Premiere.

Memories contain reverberations. As an actor and sound designer, Brian has created a site-specific performance piece exploring memories and sounds of a family’s history.  Four performers and five rooms create stories involving a friend’s betrayal, a dying mother’s sudden lucidity, a search for Jewish meaning, a simple task becoming difficult, and a journey of love.

March 17 – 26
By Matthew Payne
Theatre SKAM, Victoria
Metro Theatre

For over thirty years Joan Mans attended arts happenings in the city, finishing most evenings at Swan’s, dancing to live music. In 2007 she entered extended care after she fell and was declared incapable. Actor and playwright Matthew Payne decided he would be her voice. This journey is at the heart of this project.

Joan will run at the Metro Studio Theatre as part of the SPARK Festival from March 17 to 26. Tickets 250-590-6291/



Sunday, March 26 at 7:30 pm
Belfry 101 Live
Belfry Mainstage

Created and performed by the students of the Belfry 301 Ensemble
Directed by Erin Macklem and Dave Morris

World Premiere. Collectively created by the remarkable high school students of our Belfry 101 programme, themes and images from the plays in the Belfry’s current season, as perceived by these young people and related to their own lives, generate an original, surprising and always inspiring piece of theatre.

A talkback with the students will follow the performance.


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PHOTO CREDITS (from the top): Evalyn Parry in SPIN, Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh / BlissKrieg, Photo by Caitlin Croteau / Evalyn Parry in SPIN, Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh / Itai Erdal and Dima Alansari in This is Not a Conversation, Photo by Natasha Wheatley / Joan Photo by Pamela Bethel Photography