September 12—October 8, 2017

The Children's Republic

by Hannah Moscovitch

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Mainstage 1 (part of your season ticket package)

Directed by Christian Barry

The Children’s Republic is based on the true and inspirational tale of Dr. Janusz Korczak’s selfless journey to bring safety to Polish-Jewish orphans within the Warsaw Ghetto. His struggle to advocate for children’s rights and to shelter his orphans from the horrors of the war ended with his death in 1942. A powerful and true story of beauty, heroism and legacy in a world devoid of freedom and even the necessities of life.

Why I Chose This Play
Hannah Moscovitch is one of the world’s great writers – and this is an exceptionally beautiful play. Knowing that she wanted to revisit this script, we commissioned her to write a new version. At an exciting workshop in October, Hannah began empowering the children to tell the story – a brilliant reflection of Korczak’s approach to nurturing the young. —Michael Shamata

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Cast & Artists

    • Lily Cave
    • Mettye
    • Sophia Irene Coopman
    • Sara
    • Zander Eke
    • Israel
    • Paul Rainville
    • Janusz Korczak
    • Simeon Sanford Blades
    • Misha
    • Hannah Moscovitch
    • Playwright
    • Christian Barry
    • Director
    • Camellia Koo
    • Designer
    • Kaitlin Hickey
    • Lighting Designer
    • Jennifer Swan
    • Stage Manager