The Cryptogram

The Cryptogram



January 25 – February 27, 2011

In this gripping short play, Mamet combines mercurial intelligence with genuinely Hitchcockian menace. Bristling with tension and undisclosed secrets, Mamet dramatizes the betrayal and abandonment of family and friendship. Set in 1959, The Cryptogram is a journey back to childhood and the moment of its vanishing – the moment when the sheltering world is suddenly revealed as a place full of menace where the grownups are speaking in code, and that code may never be breakable.

“First rate… spooky, elliptical, full of wit… Not in any stage literature that I know has childhood been as movingly evoked as it is in The Cryptogram.” New York Times

“Powerful… His most personal work… A whodunit with the it waiting to happen… Spooky and exciting.” Newsweek

“Heart stopping…Where other dramatists are writing melodrama about the dysfunctional family, Mamet has written high tragedy.” Boston Herald


Creative Team
Vincent Gale (Del) starred in The Real Thing and Stones in His Pockets at the Belfry. His film and TV credits include Battlestar Galatica and Bruce Sweeney’s film, Last Wedding, for which he won a Genie Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Jenny Young (Donny) starred in The Shape of a Girl at the Belfry. She currently plays Sergeant “Coach” Kinsella in CBC Radio’s Afghanada.

Mitch H. Kummen (John) is eleven years old and making his Belfry debut in The Cryptogram. Mitch had a recurring role on Shattered (Global TV) and starred as young Don Cherry in Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story (CBC TV). Mitch is bilingual.

Director Daniel MacIvor starred in In On It and Here Lies Henry at the Belfry. An accomplished actor, director and writer, Daniel won the 2006 Governor General’s Award for Drama, two Genies for his work in film and the 2008 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre.

The Cryptogram is designed by Lorenzo Savoini (Set & Costume Designer), Michael Walton (Lighting Designer) and Tobin Stokes (Composer and Sound Designer). Kim Charleen Smith is the Stage Manager.