The Belfry Theatre Society receives a permissive tax exemption from the City of Victoria

Date posted: February 21, 2017

City of Victoria Council has granted the Belfry Theatre Society a permissive tax exemption.

The tax exemption is granted triennially to a wide range of properties run by not-for-profit social service, recreational, cultural, and affordable housing societies and organizations, which Council feels are the most complementary extensions of municipal services.

The Belfry bought its building, a 19th Century Church, in 1990 and began extensive renovations to preserve and protect the building. This year the professional theatre company will upgrade its 27 year old lobby which has been visited by over 2 million people.

The upgrades will focus on the patron experience, making the space more accessible, environmentally friendly and extending the lifespan of the building.

The Belfry is extremely grateful for the exemption and thanks Council for its encouragement of the arts in Victoria and the role they play in making our city more vibrant and exciting place to live.