Belfry Statement in response BC Government News Release – Liquor laws clarified to help non-profit organizations

Date posted: October 26, 2012

Early this morning the British Columbia government issued a news release regarding a change in the liquor laws that would enable charities to “to conduct fundraising using gift baskets or similar items that have liquor as one of its components.” Here’s a link to that release.

Belfry Statement

I am happy that the BC Government is trying to rectify what I can only feel was poor public policy. While it will not undo what has happened to the Belfry, I am happy for the hundreds of charities with upcoming events who now have some clarity as to how they may proceed. However, I continue to have concerns as any required legislative revisions move forward.

I would hope the government consults with the charitable sector to ensure that policy changes and legislation reflect the sector’s needs.

I hope as well that BC wineries and distillers are also included in consultations to ensure that their past and future generosity is not restricted unduly by any change in the legislation.

While placing wine in gift baskets may be the government’s temporary fix, it is certainly not a long-term solution for the sector. We anxiously await further clarity on the auctioning of wine as a fundraising activity, which is still prohibited. This type of fundraising activity is still required for dozens of charities and is central to the Belfry being able to resurrect our signature event, Crush.

Ivan Habel,
General Manager
Belfry Theatre