40Q with Josh Epstein

Date posted: October 16, 2017

Lauren Jackson and Josh Epstein in Onegin. Photo by David Cooper. From the 2016 Arts Club Theatre Company premiere production.

40 Questions with John Epstein

Josh plays Vladimir Lensky in Onegin.

Where were you born?


What did / do your parents do?

Mother is Lab Manager for cord blood organization, still does lectures across NA.



Where do you live now?


Do you speak a second language? What?


Favourite colour?


Favourite book?

Everything is Illuminated

Favourite movie?


Favourite piece of clothing?


Favourite food?


Favourite piece of music?


Dream car?


Current car?


What do you do after a show?

With this cast – follow the group!

What do you do in your downtime?

Theatre. Film is my full-time right now!

Big into Swimming right now.

First paid acting gig?

Modeling for Sears Mother’s Day Brochure at 6.

Michael in the World Premiere of Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan at 8.

First acting gig?

Michael in the World Premiere of Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan at 8. Starring Long John Baldry.

Your most terrifying backstage incident?

Doing off-stage singing after getting a concussion during Lord of The Rings, they had to tell me I didn’t need to continue…

Your most terrifying onstage incident?

Fell off the stage during a dramatic scene in Marvin’s Room at the Arts Club when I was 14. Vince Gale was my brother, I was pushing Patti Allan in a wheelchair. I fell right off the stage. Ruth Nicol was my mother in that show and so Jeff Hyslop was there to console me after the show. Told me how he also fell off the stage – However he was doing backflips at the time so it didn’t make me that much better!

Strangest job you’ve ever had?

The PNE story with Todd Talbot. We did 96 performances in 16 days straight, no days off. 5-6 shows a day.

If I wasn’t an actor (designer / director / playwright) I would be?

I would write commercials. Be a Mad Men.

Best advice someone has given you?

Be a good person.

Best show you’ve seen?

Well I did just see Hamilton but I’ll go with a less obvious choice = Parade by Jason Robert Brown in Seattle starring most of the original cast.

Best concert you’ve attended?

Dan Bern right here in Victoria.

Most inspiring person you know?


Five people (real or fictional / dead or alive) that you would invite to a dinner party? Why?

Groucho Marx

Ava DuVernay

Seth Rogen

Denis Villeneuve


Celebrity Crush?

Viola Davis

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A pizza with my wife and dog. In Venice.