Capital Campaign – $1Million Challenge

The Belfry Theatre has been a thriving cultural destination in Victoria for over 40 years. Every year thousands of theatre-goers come to the Belfry to enjoy great theatre. We have stewarded our beloved heritage building over two phases of improvements and we have grown along with our audiences.

The Belfry began as a volunteer-run company sharing space in a former Baptist church with the Cool-Aid Society. Along the way we have transformed ourselves into a nationally-recognized theatre in a facility loved by everyone who has worked, performed, visited and experienced great theatre. We employ artists, craftspeople, educators and a dedicated professional staff, helped by over 250 volunteers.

Over the years we have endured poor heating and electrics, and a shortage of work and storage spaces. Two stages of renovations in our 40 year history have gradually improved our facilities. Today, our need for increased lobby space, an improved concession, better wheelchair access, additional washroom facilities, sound insulation, and new seating are now chronic.

The new vision for the Belfry Theatre

> We will create an atrium, adding to the current lobby space, making more room for our patrons and the local community to be welcomed. The lobby is at the heart of social interaction for everyone who visits the Belfry.

> We have replaced the worn seats in the theatre for a quieter more comfortable experience. This was the first phase of the changes.

> We will expand the concession area to shorten line-ups and provide better service.

>Improved sound insulation will be installed between the lobby and the theatre, (allowing us to expand the women’s washroom and reduce the wait during intermission).

> The wheelchair ramp will be resurfaced and upgraded, providing a more welcoming approach to the Belfry.

> The theatre space and lobby will be updated and repainted for the first time in over twenty seven years.

This vision for the Belfry Theatre will cost $1 Million. Help us meet the challenge!

How you can help

With help from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, we have up to $340,000 to help us make improvements. But we need to match this and raise more to make these vital improvements to your Belfry experience.

You can help us to match funds in two ways.

Naming Opportunities  

We invite you to join us by supporting this special campaign through one of the many named gift opportunities available. This will include our new lobby, the new concession, our workshops, Studio A and Studio B, the Green Room, and others.  Talk to us about what is possible and your name could be in lights at the Belfry for a minimum of ten years. Contact us at the number or email below.

Now is the time for you to secure a lasting place in the fabric of the Belfry Theatre and our landmark heritage building.


Make a gift now

Every gift to the Belfry Capital Campaign is valued and appreciated.

All gifts to the Capital campaign over $100 will be recognized in our house programmes, and larger gifts on our Capital Campaign lobby recognition board.

For further information on recognition levels please contact Susan on 250-385-6835 Email:

Click on the Make a Donation button and choose Capital Campaign in the drop-down box.


You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

Please step forward and make your pledge today!

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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