August 8 - 27, 2017

Bed and Breakfast

by Mark Crawford

Show Info

Summer Comedy

Directed by Ashlie Corcoran
Starring Paul Dunn & Mark Crawford

A sweet summer comedy about finding your community. When Brett inherits his aunt’s house, he and his partner move out of Toronto to set up a B&B in a quiet little tourist town. Great idea. It never crossed either of their minds that being a same-sex couple would raise eyebrows and generate friction. This comedy about “being out” in a small town is a tour-de-force for two actors: they play the central couple plus all the characters they encounter, from contractors to relatives to the lesbian who runs the coffee shop.

Why I Chose this Play
It’s fun and funny and surprisingly moving. It’s a cleverly written comedy, in which the issue of sexual orientation adds heart and depth. Mark Crawford is a wonderful actor and a young playwright who keeps writing hit comedy after hit comedy! And just to make this show even sweeter, Mark will star as Brett, opposite Paul Dunn as Drew – a cast made in (small town) heaven! —Michael Shamata

Cast & Artists

    • Mark Crawford
    • Paul Dunn
    • Mark Crawford
    • Playwright
    • Ashlie Corcoran
    • Director