40 Questions with Aleita Northey

Date posted: January 22, 2018

The lovely Aleita Northey is the first from our Forget About Tomorrow cast to tackle 40 Questions. Aleita also stars in the new CBC digital series This Blows (airing in February), which she co-created with Bruce McCulloch and her brother Cole Northey.

Where were you born?
Vancouver, BC
What did / do your parents do?
Mom’s a Nurse Practitioner and dad’s a Musician
Two brothers
Where do you live now?
Vancouver, BC
Do you speak a second language? What?
Yes, French.
Favourite colour?
Right now? Orange. In five minutes? Green. Maybe blue.
Favourite book?
Pride and Prejudice
Favourite movie?
Favourite piece of clothing?
Favourite Quote?
“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” Sylvia Plath
Favourite food?
Soup. Or cheese. Or, hot cheese.
Favourite dish to make?
Chili or stew. Leaving it on the stove most of the day cozies up the house.
Favourite word?
Favourite piece of music?
Not sure about favourite, but most listened to is probably Hanson’s MMMBop. Thanks to a very active listening phase when I was about eight-years-old.
Favourite character (real or fictional)?
Ron Weasley
Dream car?
Classic, two-tone VW Beetle Convertible
Current car?
What do you do after a show?
Take off my make-up.
What do you do in your downtime?
I have a TV problem. And a brunch problem.
First paid acting gig?
An episode of “Killer Instinct” on FOX.
First acting gig?
The music video for “Giddy Up!” by Craig Northey
Your most terrifying backstage incident?
Convincing myself I’ve forgotten all my lines.
Your most terrifying onstage incident?
Convincing myself I’ve forgotten all my lines.
How many miles do you log a year?
Like, log, in a book? None, I guess. I’m not very good at bookkeeping.
Strangest job you’ve ever had?
I was an intern once. It is very strange. Because it’s a terrible job AND you don’t get paid. Is it a job if you don’t get paid?
If I wasn’t an actor (designer / director / playwright) I would be?
My mom thinks I’d be a good lawyer. But I’d probably be a personal assistant or a producer.
Best advice someone has given you?
It’s ok to just stare out the window sometimes. That’s important and creative too.
Best meal ever?
Pasta in Italy.
Best show you’ve seen?
Orphans on Broadway.
Best concert you’ve attended?
The Spirit of the West at the Commodore Ballroom.
Most inspiring person you know?
Jill Daum inspires the heck out of me.
Pet Peeve(s)?
Unstirred yogurt.
Five people (real or fictional / dead or alive) that you would invite to a dinner party? Why?
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth I, Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen & Joan of Arc. I mean, can you imagine? QUEEN PARTY.
Celebrity Crush?
Steve Harrington & Seth Cohen
What are you most proud of?
Adopting my parents a dog kind of against their will. Best decision ever. They’d (probably) agree.
The quality you most like in a man?
The quality you most like in a woman?
Your greatest fear?
Living an unfulfilled life.
When do you lie?
I cheat at crosswords.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A feast overlooking the ocean.